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Services by mileage (as recommended by Manufacture Specifications )

7,500-Mile Maintenance
Recommended at 7,500-mile intervals for gasoline engines and 5,000-mile intervals for pre-1995 diesel engines
What we do:
- Change oil and filter
- Inspect brakes for wear
- Lubricate throttle linkage
- Check and correct fluid levels
- Inspect tires and check tire pressure
- Lubricate specific parts according to Mercedes-Benz guidelines

15,000-Mile Maintenance
Recommended at 15,000-mile intervals for 1997 and earlier models only

What we do:
- All services included in Lubrication Service, plus:
- Inspect for leaks and assess the condition of all components, lines and hoses on the engine, transmission, axles, level control, and steering, fuel and brake systems
- Replace spark plugs (if necessary)
- Inspect and adjust drive belts
- Inspect air filter elements
- Remove wheels and rotate tires as necessary
- Inspect brake system and adjust parking brake
- Check all exterior and interior lamps and windshield washer systems
- Lubricate throttle shafts, door hinges and locks
- Replace windshield wiper insert(s)
- Clean cassette deck head
- Perform a road test

30,000-Mile Maintenance
What we do:
- All services included in the 15,000-Mile Maintenance Service, plus:
- Change automatic transmission fluid and filter
- Replace air filter
- Replace spark plugs
- Inspect propeller shaft flex coupling
- Inspect parking brake for free play
- Replace diesel pre and main fuel filters*
- Perform a road test
*Fuel filter replacement for gasoline engines is recommended at 60,000-mile intervals.
Note: Prices do not include ventilation/dust filters recommended for replacement on some models (please refer to your Maintenance Manual). Your service advisor will advise you if applicable.

All work guaranteed, ASE qualified technicians, original parts,
free local courtesy shuttle, overnight enclosed storage

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